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Elevate Your Personal Skin Care Ritual

Vitality CBD+ Daily Lotion

Indulge your self with our exquisite CBD-infused lotion.* Crafted with 175mg of full-spectrum CBD per ounce and a harmonious blend of seven essential oils,* Vitality CBD+ nourishes, rejuvenates, and enhances your skin's natural radiance.*

Nature's Finest, Refined

Discover the transformative power of our carefully curated ingredients. Full-spectrum CBD works in concert with cypress, oakmoss, eucalyptus, blue chamomile, elemi, benzoin, and helichrysum to deliver unparalleled benefits.*

This luxurious fusion allows you to release what does not serve you, especially those things that get in the way of your wellbeing.*  Vitality CBD+ isn't just a lotion; it's a daily ritual that honors your personal vitality.*

Embrace the essence of nature's bounty and discover the difference that premium, thoughtfully sourced ingredients can make for your overall vitality.*

Harnessing Potent Ancient Wisdom

The Perfect Blend of Nature and Science

The perfect combination of nature and science, Vitality CBD+ Daily Lotion combines full-spectrum CBD with a sophisticated blend of essential oils to open, release and relax areas that are constricted in your body.*

Full-Spectrum CBD
175mg per ounce for maximum skin-rejuvenating benefits
100% Essential Oils
Seven carefully selected oils for comprehensive skincare
Advanced Absorption
Innovative formula ensures deep penetration and lasting effects.*
Sustainable Luxury
Responsibly harvested ingredients support your body and the planet.*

The Essence of Botanical Nourishment

Our unique blend of essential oils is specifically selected to work in harmony, each enhancing the lotion's ability to unblock, soothe, stabilize, and support natural cell renewal.* This powerful combination promotes optimism, openness, and a sense of renewal, helping you transition through life's changes with grace.*

At the heart of Vitality CBD+ Daily Lotion lies a carefully curated blend of seven premium essential oils.* Each oil has been selected for its unique properties, working in harmony to unblock congested energy, calm anxiety, free suppressed emotions,  and reliquish pain while invigoration and rejuvenating vitality.*


Aids in transition and renewal, easing difficult changes and dissolving self-doubt.*


Grounds and balances emotions, enhancing sensitivity and promoting stability.*


Opens the chest, improves breathing, and dispels melancholy to restore vitality.*


Unifies and invigorates, bridging the physical and spiritual for mental clarity.*


Unblocks stagnant energy, releases deeply stored emotions, and restores compassion.*


Calms tumultuous emotions, soothes anxiety, and promotes inner harmony.*


Soothes and stabilizes during upheaval, nurturing and comforting the spirit.*

CBD's Entourage Effect

Combined with our Full Spectrum CBD, these essential oils work synergistically to provide comprehensive pain relief.*

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD and Blue Chamomile, coupled with the soothing effects of Cypress and Helichrysum, create a powerful blend that may help alleviate muscle aches, joint discomfort, and general body pain.*

Ritual Rooted in Tradition

Since introducing hemp CBD oil into our hand crafted lotions in 2014, and launching Root Nutritionals in 2017 with our top-selling Relieve lotion, we’ve honed our craft for your specific needs.

The Vitality lotion emerged from our exploration of scent's power to enhance well-being, particularly focusing on the throat chakra for a more refreshing woody essence, unlike the robust aromas of our pain relief lotions.*

Unlike commercial lotions that often contain harmful artificial fragrances, our formula relies solely on natural, beneficial ingredients.* The result is an an uplifting, aromatic scent that delights the senses while opening constricted and congested parts of your body.*

Our Full Spectrum CBD oil enhances the pain-relieving properties of the essential oils, offering a holistic approach to both physical comfort and emotional well-being.*
Vitality CBD+ Daily Lotion
4oz Glass - 700mg CBD
4oz Plastic - 700mg CBD
2oz Glass - 350mg CBD
2oz Plastic - 350mg CBD
1oz Plastic - 175mg CBD

How To Use

Vitality CBD+ Daily Lotion is designed for external use only. For best results, apply liberally to areas of your body experiencing pain or discomfort. It's especially beneficial when used on the neck and shoulders, areas often associated with the throat chakra and tension release.*

For targeted pain relief, focus on applying the lotion to areas of discomfort, allowing the Full Spectrum CBD and essential oils to work
their magic.*

To fully embrace the ritual, take a moment to breathe deeply and set an intention for renewal as you massage the lotion into your skin. Let the subtle aroma and soothing texture guide you towards a sense of balance and well-being.*

Enrich Your Daily Ritual

Vitality CBD+ represents a new level of relief, transforming your daily routine into a moment of self-care and rejuvenation. Embrace the fusion of nature's wisdom and cutting-edge science. Let your body absorb the nourishing benefits of our premium ingredients, all sourced responsibly to support both you and the planet.*

Enjoy the fusion of nature's wisdom and scientific innovation.* Let your body soak in the nourishing benefits of our premium ingredients, carefully sourced and meticulously formulated to deliver unparalleled results.*

Discover the Vitality difference. Visit our shop in Winter Garden, FL or place your order here to experience the luxurious texture, subtle fragrance, and transformative effects of Vitality CBD+ Daily Lotion.*

You deserve this level of care. Enrich your Wellbeing with Vitality!*