Gourmet Extra Strength CBD Gummies

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Now with 25mg CBD in each gummy!

Unveiling our Enhanced CBD Gummies in Mixed Berry Flavor!

Delight in the revamped experience of our fan-favorite CBD Gummies:

Irresistible New Flavor: Dive into the rich essence of Mixed Berry adding a burst of zesty goodness with every bite.

More Goodness per Bottle: We've redefined our offering, increasing from 10 to 30 gummies per bottle. While each gummy is sleeker in size, it packs the same flavorful punch and now comes with an enhanced potency of 25mg CBD each.

Unbeatable Value: We've tripled the count and boosted the CBD dosage without tripling the price! Originally at $3 per 10mg CBD gummy, now enjoy the therapeutic benefits at just $1.50 for a 25mg CBD gummy.

Elevate your well-being with quality and value - all wrapped up in one delightful gummy!