Introducing:  Tranquil Sleep Spray - Made of 100% Pure Essential Oils and Infusions of Flowers.

Tranquil Sleep Spray

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Tranquil Sleep Spray can help you unwind from a long day and let your mind and body know that it's ready for a good night's sleep.

Just a few sprays on your pillow and sheets and you can get lost in the soothing aroma of Lavender, Red Mandarin and Roman Chamomile.


Spray on pillow, linens, and feet to calm, relax and drift off to sleep. This combination of powerful aromatic essential oils is most helpful to relax, calm and release the stress of the day so you can fall asleep with ease.

Flower essences are also included to help facilitate releasing the stressful burdens experienced that day.

For external use only.

Store at room temperture.

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