Scolecite Pyramids

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$10.00 - $18.00

SCOLECITE is known for:

• Inner Peace sums it up—Great rebalancing stone—resonates thru entire auric field
• Can be good for simmering down aggressive tendencies—soothing
• Brain balance and tranquility—good for brain imbalances causing violent behavior
• Stone of kindness, gentleness and non-reaction
• Helps one find balance when faced with difficulty
• Enhance meditation, restful sleep, peaceful dreams, astral travel—helps dream recall
• Awaken the higher mind gently.
• Allows one to connect with higher self & gain understanding of soul and life purpose
• Interdimensional stone—protects from negative astral travel entities
• Good stone to share between lovers—establish constant connection of their hearts
• Pairs well with hematite or shungite to combat anxieties and insomnia