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Was: $45.00
Now: $31.00

Our Gourmet CBD Gummies are back in stock! And they are even better than before...

First, we we added a new Peach flavor that has instantly become a favorite here at the shop!

Second, we added more gummies to each bottle... increasing each bottle from 10 gummies to 30 gummies! The new gummies are smaller than the previous gummies, but they have the same great taste and the same 10mg of CBD per gummy.

So, we 3x'd the number of gummies and amount of CBD in each bottle, but only increased the price by 33%, from $30 to $45...

That cuts the price of each 10mg CBD gummy from $3 down to $1.50 per gummy...

... and during the NEW CBD Gummy Sale, the new gummies are 33% off, so it's only $1 per 10mg CBD gummy.

So, get your order in now before we sell out again. :)