Black Kyanite

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BLACK KYANITE is known for:

• Aluminum Silicate mineral in striated, fan-like specimens—more rare
• Energetic bridge to bring disharmonious people together– assist negotiations & arbitration
• Build strong bridges between our inner and outer selves
• Clear one’s energy field and create a protective shield— protect from energy vampires
• Grounding and Energizing...increasing one’s vibrational frequencies
• Clears blockages & imbalances to bring unhindered flow in all body systems
• Open and align chakras—Replenish the meridian system
• Experience interdimensional consciousness
• See Past life experiences and into probable futures
• Create new pathways for energy flow—where there were blockages
• May help to stabilize adrenals, reduce blood pressure, reduce fever and relieve pain
• Legend says Archangel Michael’s sword blade was made of Black Kyanite
• Cut the cords of negative attachments